Energy saving LED's 08-06-2015

LED lights has become world-wide-known as an energy-saving and low maintenance cost means of illumination, this is due to developments in LED lighting technology and the ever increasing need for efficient, green solutions.

Compare to current incandescent lights, LED lights can be more energy efficient and environment friendly for the same light output. LED lighting produces far less heat, this efficiency means that LED lights remain close to room temperature so that less energy is wasted as heat, an added bonus is that this can cut down energy use even further by reducing the need for air-conditioning to extract the heat emitted by incandescent lights. LED lights are more durable than other lighting sources being resistant to heat, cold, shock and vibration. LED lights can last tens of thousands of hours when used at the rated current.

LED lights are long-lasting, rugged and many times more efficient than incandescent bulbs, their harsh light output and flicker has prevented them from being a winning solution in the lighting market.

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